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please do NOT upload my drawings(include use for profile,header,whatever)

18歳未満の方からのフォローについては 非 推 奨 で す。

他 意 は な い です。
同じようにわたしの事も駄目だと思われましたらサクっとリムーブしてください( ◜◡‾)<自衛大事。

ダグキリです( ´థ,_‥థ`)

Hello there,Im Ai,
>feel free to follow,unfollow and block me,
>Im not gonna follow back usually(because conservative for shipping difference)
bt its not mean to dislike u anyway.
>I tweeting just ordinary life n tweet about music mostly.

I only understand Japanese n English,
I can't understand any other language,

please do not repost my drawings for anywhere,
it's hard to explain why but every official copyrights are protected by japanese rows and fanfiction is very sensitive zone(it's kind of guilty pleasure!)
all because there is NO FAIR USE RULES in japan,we need to b very careful to enjoying fanfictions,

>>double decker!
I am paid member,u can share what u feels with me without spoilers consideration =) weeeeeeeeeheeeeeheeeeeee
DougKiri shipper,
but I love Doug being bottom too

I learned English from music n movies on my own,
and i knowing my English skill isn’t good enough,sorry about that,
bt im SO HAPPY to talk with ppls without any border,
so many different countries n so many different ppls on web n its so amazing if we can share what we feelings,
so,pls feel free to talk to me!